By Jon A. Brake

Itís annoying....

Phone calls all hours of the day and night and half the time when you pick up the phone no one is there.

It is another Telemarketing Company making a hit. They call three to five numbers at the same time and their operator will talk to the first person picking up the phone. That leaves two to four people holding on to a phone with no one there. Itís annoying.

Here is something that we have been doing in our home to fight back. If we answer the phone and it is a Telemarketer we immediately say, "Iím sorry, could you let me get to the other phone?" The response is always the same: "Yes." And then we put the phone down and go about our business. The idea is - we are already on the line - we are hooked, but if we can keep them tied up for two or three minutes, they cannot make other calls.

We are not getting mad or disrespectful, but we are getting even. They are annoying and interrupting our time, now we are taking up their time.