July 20, 2000

Optical Perspectives Sold To Larry Kluttz

Optical Perspectives is getting a new vision, it has been sold. Optical Perspectives has been a staple of downtown Manhattan
for 12 years. Richard Homeier, founder and owner / operator of Optical Perspectives since 1989, sold the business to Mr.
Larry Kluttz. Kluttz took over operations on Monday.

Homeier said he enjoyed serving customers and his participation in community activities like The Manhattan Chamber of
Commerce and Manhattan Mainstreet.

Kluttz said he intends to continue the excellent services of Optical Perspectives. Extended hours and expanded services will
be two priorities. The existing staff of opticians will remain with Optical Perspectives to provide quality service and contribute
to the quality of Manhattan’s historic downtown. Staff members are: Bette Kastner, a board certified optician since 1983
worked with Homeier since 1979 and joined Optical Perspectives shortly after it opened in 1989. Laura Warner, board
certified since 1991 and is the only woman in Kansas to obtain a Master’s certification in Ophthalmic Optics. Elaine Jury is
the last staff member to join Optical Perspectives. She has worked with the company since 1994 and was certified in 1997.

Kluttz was board certified in 1991 and has managed the optical department of Price, Young & Odle - The Eyedoctors - for
the past 10 years.

Kluttz said: "Bette, Laura, Elaine and I all have in common the fact that we studied under Richard Homeier, a Master
Optician, in preparation for our certifications. This will assure that the quality of products and services will continue to be
above average and that business will be conducted with integrity."