Sales  Tax Opposition Starts With Meetings

Three meetings were held this week were opponents to the Riley County Commission talked with civic organizations and groups.

Manhattan Free Press Publisher Jon Brake wants to get information to the public about the half-cent sales tax question to be voted on at the November election.

Meetings were held with the League of Women Voters, the Manhattan Lions Club and the Senior Centerís Widowed Persons organization (Photo at right).

The meetings start with everyone receiving a packet of County reports, a Budget, a Capital Improvements Program list and a list of all Capital Improvements funded by the County for the past seven years.

"This is not a speech, Brake said, this is a talk about County spending. We use open records obtained from the County which shows the County Commission has already taxed the citizens for Road and Bridge repairs."

The talk is called "What Did They Do With The Money." The talk includes ten posters showing photos of the big-ticket items that the County has funded over the past seven years. Items like the $900,000 renovation of the County Annex building, the $800,000 purchase of the HTX building and many others.

For scheduling information call Jon Brake at 537-8953 or 539-2760