July 27, 2000

Sports Update

By Ben E. Brake

KSUís Outlook for positions


This will be an interesting position to watch. Snyder has given senior Jonathan Beasley the nod for now. Redshirt
Freshman Ell Roberson III is trying to take over and showed his stuff in the spring game. Beasley will have to
improve on his pass completion percentage if he wants to stay on top. Beasley has the experience and Roberson
is more athletic. Jonathan had a hot and cold season last year; he might not want to do that this year. If Jonathan
has to be pulled for performance he may end up giving Roberson the play signals for the rest of the year from the

My expectations- Beasley will start and Roberson will back up. I think Roberson will get to play when K-State
has a big enough lead and get him the experience needed. The quarterback position is totally on Jonathanís
shoulders. He will have to have a pass percentage rate over 50% to keep his job. If Beasley gives up his job, my
guess would be when K-State plays Colorado in Boulder.


The running back position will be interesting also. I donít expect RB Joe Hall to be back to play this year. Hall
was the leading rusher last year and suffered academically along with legal problems. RB/PR David Allen will
start the season for K-State at running back. I really hope he loses this starting position, not because I donít like
him but because I want him to own every NCAA punt return record within reach. Josh Scobey and Chris Claybon
will need to show their talents at this position to keep David Allen rested.

At fullback Johnno Lazetich was aggressive last year and is expected to start again this year. Johnno will need to
protect his melon a little bit better than he did last year. He suffered from several concussions that almost kept
him out of football permanently. Nick Hoheisel and Brandt Quick need to be ready to play just in case another
injury occurs to Lazetich.

Wide receivers

This has got to be the strength of the offense and maybe the team. The starters are WR Quincy Morgan, WR
Aaron Lockett, and WR Martez Wesley. This group will more than likely lead the Big Twelve if Beasley or
Roberson can get the ball to them. The back-ups are just as good. Not to mention the Tight end Shad Meier who
had a terrific spring game. The starters are great and the back ups arenít much different; K-State is destined to
have one of the best receiving corps in the country this year.

Front linemen

Center Randall Cummins will anchor the front line and along with him will be LT Milford Stephenson, LG Andy
Eby, RG Steve Washington, and RT John Robertson.

If Beasley is going to improve his pass percentage, he will need to count on these guys to hold back the pressure.
If they canít provide the protection, Snyder might have to make a move to the more mobile quarterback Ell


Defensive linemen

The line on defense will be strong. DT Mario Fatafehi will set the pace of the linemen. Mario had a great year
last year and is expected to be better this year. DT Chris Holloman will follow his lead. DE Monte Beisel, and
DE Chris Johnson will do the damage from the ends. Beisel and Johnson are very aggressive and know how to
get to the quarterback. Just watch these two on game day.


MLB Turelle Williams, SLB Ben Leber, and WLB Jason Kazar will be the starters at linebacker. The critics love
to say this area will be the weakness on the defense. I think this group will be just as talented as the group from
last year, there could be a slight drop off but I donít believe it will be very much. The most noticeable drop off
may be with the back ups, but Snyder always seems to have everybody ready when the season begins. They will
make sure that all of the critics eat a little crow for their comments.


This secondary is AWSOME! They ranked 1st in the nation last year in pass efficiency defense and believe they
will stay in the top 10 again this year. SS Jarrod Cooper, CB Dyshod Carter, and CB Jerametrius Butler are the
starters with Jon McGraw coming in to play free safety. If opponents want to pass they may need to do it at the
dinner table before they get on the field and not against this crew.

Special Teams

There is not one special teams unit in the country that can match K-States! They are second to none. David Allen
is rewriting the record books for punt returns. He is a good running back but he is the biggest feared punt
returner in America today. Nobody wants him to catch a punt. Opponents will go for it on 4th and long, kick out of
bounds, or kick short just to see that Allen doesnít get to run with the ball. They donít want him to open his can of
oops... I canít say that! They donít want him to touch the ball period and they will do what ever they can to keep it
out of his hands. If David Allen isnít enough to scare the opponents out of their wits then last years Lou Groza
Award runner up Jamie Reem should finish them off. He is as consistent on field goals as bad breath on a dog.
Nope, I havenít seen a dog without bad breath, have you? I donít care if the animal eats 10 mint dog biscuits, it
will still have bad breath and Jamie will still hit the field goals. Now for the punting team, who the heck said
K-State has to punt anyway! Punting is an option, itís not mandatory, and they donít have to if they donít want to.
O.K. so we hurt at one area in the special teams. K-State did recruit a punter this year and may end up playing
him right away. Jared Brite was recruited out of a high school in California and averaged 45 yards per punt last
season. I could almost bet that he will play this year.


This team will be great! This team should be undefeated for the Nebraska game on November 14, unless they
slip along the way. The biggest question on offense will be the quarterback position. Will Beasley be able to hang
on to the job or will Ell Roberson III take over?

The defense will be sound again this year. Will they start off conservative on defense like they did last year and
have to scramble to stay alive in the second halves or will they start off aggressive and take the fear out of it?
Can they hold off Nebraska? Will they get rid of the prevent defense? Please get rid of the prevent defense!

The special teams are mighty special. Not much to worry about with the special teams except for the punting. Will
the punter be consistent or will they struggle again this year?

If K-State beats Nebraska on November 14, plan on them playing in the Big 12 Championship game on
December 2.