Target Receives Planning Board Approval

The Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board gave approval Monday night to a new Target store at Seth Childs and Fort Riley Blvd.

Target will now go to the Manhattan City Commission for their approval before construction can start. The Planning Board agreed with the Staff recommendation and sent them on to the Commission. If approved Target must agree to these changes:


KDOT has reviewed the applicant’s Traffic Study and the applicant’s consultant is preparing an addendum to the Study to address KDOT questions and comments. It is anticipated that the addendum will be submitted prior to the Planning Board’s public hearing on July 1,2002. City Administration will forward additional staff memos and any addendum to the Study, if the consultant’s information is provided in sufficient time for review and comment, before the meeting.

Provided that the Traffic Study and any addendums are submitted and the Study’s findings are accepted by the City Engineer. City Administration recommends approval of the proposed rezoning of Seth Child Commons, from R. Single-Family Residential District, and PUD. Planned Unit Development District, to PUD. Commercial Planned Unit Development District, with the conditions:

1. Permitted uses shall be limited to the permitted and conditional uses listed in the C-2. Neighhborhood Shopping District, as per the Manhattan Zoning Regulations.

2. Lot 6 shall be limited to business and professional office use.

3. Landscaping and irrigation shall be provided pursuant to a Landscaping Performance Agreement between the City and the owner. which shall be entered into prior to issuance of a building permit.

4. All landscaping and irrigation shall be maintained in good condition.

5. Except as noted, signs shall be provided as proposed in the application documents. and shall allow for exempt signage described in Article VI. Section 6-104 (A)(1), (2), (4), (5) (7) and (8); and Section 6-104 (B) (2); and. Section 6-104 (D) (1). of the Manhattan Zoning Regulations.

6. The total maximum floor area of all buildings shall be limited to 220.000 square feet.

7. The applicable portions of Southwind Road, as it currently exists upon the site, shall be vacated by appropriate action of the City Commission. The necessary right-of-way for Southwind Road, as it is proposed to exist by this PUD, shall be dedicated to, and accepted by, the City commission. Prior to the effectiveness of the vacation of existing Southwind Road, the new road, as proposed, shall be designed, constructed and accepted by the City.

8. The applicable portions of the sanitary sewer easement. as it currently exists upon the site, shall be vacated by appropriate action by the City Commission. The necessary easement for a new sanitary sewer, as it is proposed to exist by this PUD, shall be dedicated to. And accepted by, the City Commission. Prior to the effectiveness of the vacation of the existing easement, the new sewer shall be designed, constructed within the new easement, and accepted by the City.

9. The special assessments related to the construction of existing Southwind Road. that are currently imposed upon a portion of the site. shall either be paid off or reapportioned in a manner acceptable to the City.