Kansas Republican Assembly Endorse Conseratives

Jim Mullins, President of the Kansas Republican Assembly, announced Monday that the Kansas Republican Assembly has issued a slate of endorsements for the Tuesday, August 6th primary election.

The Kansas Republican Assembly are called conservative and are on the Reagan - Bush side of the Republican Party.

Mullins said, "Delegates gathered from all over the state to determine which candidates KRA will support in this crucial primary election. After thoughtful discussion and deliberation, we have endorsed a strong slate of Republican candidates. We are convinced that these candidates are committed to the long-standing principles of the Republican Party and will serve their constituents well."

The candidates receiving the endorsement of the Kansas Republican Assembly are:


Governor/Lt. Governor - Tim Shallenburger/Dave Lindstrom

Attorney General - Phill Kline

State Treasurer - Dennis Wilson

Insurance Commissioner - Bryan Riley

U.S. Senate - Pat Roberts

U.S. Congress 3rd District - Dr. Jeff Colyer

3rd State Board of Education District - John Bacon

5th State Board of Education District - Connie Morris

7th State Board of Education District - Ken Willard

9th State Board of Education District - Iris Van Meter

4th State House District - Rep. Andrew Howell

14th State House District - Rep. Dan Williams

16th State House District - Rep. Karen DiVita-Johnson

17th State House District - Bob Curtis

18th State House District - Rep. Mary Pilcher-Cook

20th State House District - Brian Petermann

27th State House District - Rep. Ray Merrick

30th State House District - Rick Knight

38th State House District - Shannan Nelson

48th State House District - Eric Carter

49th State House District - Scott Schwab

51st State House District - Mike Burgess

71st State House District - Doug Olson

76th State House District - Rep. Peggy Long

80th State House District - Rep. Bill McCreary

85th State House District - Steve Brunk

96th State House District - Rep. Willa DeCastro

99th State House District - Rep. Todd Novascone

101st State House District - Rep. Mary Kauffman

112th State House District - Rep. John Edmonds

115th State House District - Rep. Melvin Neufeld

120th State House District - Rep. John Faber

Mullins noted that the endorsements were for contested primary races only. Endorsements for the general election will be issued in October. He also noted that in 14 state House primary races, no candidate received 2/3 of the votes cast necessary to win the endorsement of the Kansas Republican Assembly.

"We wish all of these good candidates a successful primary and general election and look forward to working with them in the future as they serve the people of Kansas," Mullins said.