New City Asphalt Roller Gets Rolled

City Commissioner Mark Taussig came to Tuesday nights meeting prepaired. The Commissioner were discussing the purchase of a new Asphalt Roller which was to be purchased between 2002-2007 for $15,100 but the old roller broke and the staff wanted to purchase a new on for $13,414.

But, Taussig wanted to know how many time the roller was used in a year and was told six to nine times. Taussig asked why not rent one and he was told it would cost 75% of the new cost over three years to rent.

"Well I called a rental place today and was told it would cost $20 an hour or $100 per day." Taussig said.

The Commission turned down the purchase 3-2 with Commissioners Rietz and Snead voting yes.


The current Capital Improvement Program (2001-2006) shows the replacement of a patch roller (PW03-0479E) in 2003. It is indicated to be a replacement of a 1988 model roller with a budget of $49,200. This amount was modified in the proposed 2002-2007 Capital Improvement Program to $15,100. The reduction in the budgeted amount was due to a change in the size of the unit.


The current Capital Improvement Program identifies the roller as a 1988 model. This is an error in that 1988 was the year the City purchased the roller. It was a used roller when the City purchased it and was several years old in 1988. We have been unable to ascertain the actual age but estimate it to be in excess of 20 years old. Recently the roller portion of the unit failed, making the unit unusable. The estimate to make the roller operational is $4,000. This is approximately 30% of the cost of a new roller.

Attached are quotations for a new roller from three (3) equipment companies. Pavement Maintenance Supply, Inc. of Wichita, Kansas, has submitted the low quotation in the amount of $13,414.92. Funding of this purchase is available from savings on equipment purchased earlier this year.