6 July 2000


By Jon A. Brake

If you are a truck driver and taxpayer in the City of Manhattan and Riley County, you are being discriminated against. Back
in 1996 and í97 the City of Manhattan held several meeting trying to block truckers from parking at CICO Park. They made
to much noise and it didnít look good.

The City gave up on passing an Ordinance when Riley County in 1998 passed a Resolution that prohibited trucks from
parking on County property at CICO. The first Resolution did not give the Riley County Police Department the authority to
give tickets. On June 8th the Commission made truck parking a Class C Misdemeanor and RCPD can now give tickets.

Last week the Free Press reported that Ottaway Amusement Inc. paid the Fair Board $100 to park at CICO. The Fair
Board does not have the authority, only the Riley County Commission can give out parking permits and they must be fair
related. Ottaway parked for a week in between other fairs.

This week the Riley County Police Department told the Free Press that the County Attorney is looking at the new Resolution
to see if they can ticket truckers. But, the East parking lot on Wreath Ave. belongs to the City of Manhattan and truckers can
park there because the City did not pass their Ordinance.

Open CICO Park and let truckers park in all areas. It is not that big of a problem and it never was.