10 August 2000

Ben's Big 12 Pre-season Ranking

By Ben E. Brake

Manhattan Free Press

1. Kansas State- K-State is still loaded with talent. The Big 12 championship will be decided on November 11, when
K-State plays Nebraska in Manhattan. Unless one of the teams slip along the way. K-State will have to control QB Eric

2. Nebraska- Nebraska is loaded also. They wonít give up without a fight and will be looking forward to the K-State
match-up on November 11.

3. Texas- they may have a little trouble in their secondary but will make up for it on offense. They have 2 great QBís and
wonít matter which one starts. They will probably win the South Division if OU will let them.

4. Iowa State- I think they will shock a lot of people like they almost did Kansas State last year. They have my respect and I
may have ranked them high because of it.

5. Oklahoma- theyíre just a hair away from stepping back into the elite. Bob Stoops did a good job last year and expect the
same this year. OU will battle Texas to play in the Big 12 championship game on December 2.

6. Texas Tech- should be an exciting team to watch. Mike Leach will put in his explosive offense and then we will see what
happens. Defensive backs will need to be ready when they play Texas Tech.

7. Texas A&M-they didnít do as well as expected last year and need to show their fans it was a mishap. Most of their tough
games are at home, which is a tough place for opponents. May have them ranked a little lower than I should.

8. Colorado- I donít think they will be as strong as last year. I think they will play tough but not be as successful. Barnettís
no Bill Snyder!

9. Kansas- they are tough to tell. They lost big at times last year and also won some big games last year. Your guess is as
good as mine.

10. Oklahoma State-Coach Simmons may be on his way out if he doesnít produce a winning season this year. QB Tony
Lindsey will do what he can to help.

11. Missouri- they are struggling a little bit and will be until they find a quarterback that can run the system.

12. Baylor- they will probably have another rough year this year. Not looking for too much of a change from last year.



Team Team

1. Kansas State 1. Texas

2. Nebraska 2. Oklahoma

3. Iowa State 3. Texas Tech.

4. Colorado 4. Texas A&M

5. Kansas 5. Oklahoma State

6. Missouri 6. Baylor