10 August 2000

Sports Update

By Ben E. Brake

Is everybody in Manhattan ready for football? There is just a little more than two weeks until K-Stateís season
starts with the Eddie Robinson Classic in Kansas City. To be honest with you, I wish the season would wait
until November, NOT!

These next two weeks will be driving me crazy, I canít read enough, hear enough, or watch enough about
K-State football. One thing that I saw recently drove me crazy, K-State is ranked 8th in the pre-season AP.
That is not what bothered me, what bothers me is Texas is ranked 7th. What in the heck do they see that I
donít? K-State has owned Texas each time they have played in the last 2 years. K-State is returning almost
the entire defense from last year and most of its offense. Maybe they put Texas in front of K-State because
Jon Wefald President at K-State said that everybody hates Texas last year. Well, for whatever reason, I think
that will change when we get into Big 12 conference play.

I just canít wait for the season to begin; I mean I really canít wait. Have a great day!