August 24, 2000

Sports Update

By Ben E. Brake


Thatís right, itís not a dream. The football season will be starting this Saturday in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. The
stadium is expected to be packed in purple; over 60,000 Wildcat fans are expected to be on hand to watch K-State play the
Iowa Hawkeyes. This should be a great game to see what K-State has to offer. We should be able to see if their offense is
going to fire on all cylinders or if it will be inconsistent like last year. We will probably find out if David Allen can handle the
duties as the full time running back and punt returner or will Josh Scobey or one of the other backups have to step in and
take the pressure off Allen. We will find out if the wide receivers are as awesome as we think they are. I donít think we will
get the answer to the question everybody wants to know Beasley or Roberson. Roberson was reported to have a minor
injury to his throwing hand and the coaches may be a little hesitant to play him to reduce the chance of a more serious injury.
The defense should be stout, but we will get to see if the linebackers are going to be a problem or if they are going to be as
strong as all the previous groups that Snyder has put out. I believe there will be a lot of excitement in the game and some big
plays to remember.

I would love to see David Allen run a punt back for a touchdown during this game, and then the rest of the touchdowns
would just be a bonus. He would have that off his shoulders and could concentrate on other issues, like the running back

I believe that Beasley, Allen, Scobey, Morgan, and Lockett will have a great game. I think they will want to show the nations
greatest fans what this team is made of and what to look forward to for the rest of the season.

Be sure to thank the policemen, firemen, and the EMTís for staying behind. They will be the only ones left in Manhattan on
Saturday. It should be a slow day for them since there wonít be anybody there to call 911.

Please, everybody drive careful and make it a safe trip. If you drink, do everybody else a favor and let somebody else drive
(thatís sober!). If you wreck it will take everyone else longer to get to the game.