On A Wing And A Prayer

By Jon A. Brake

If you know Grice Sexton, you know he puts a lot of faith in the Lord and in airplanes. Saturday, Grice and his son Joe tested both.

"We were on our way between McPherson and Abilene when I told my son Joe, 'that motor is running nice,' and it went boom and the prop stood still." Grice said.

Grice and Joe were in Joe's 1947 Cessna 140 about 20 minutes northeast of McPherson at 2,200 feet. "You know there wasn't an open field around, he said, at 60 miles an hour those big round bales are going by real fast."

After putting the plane down in a field Grice and Joe walked to the road to get a ride. They called Manhattan for a ride home, called FAA to tell them about the plane coming down. "That was not an accident, Grice said, that was an incident." FAA will come out to look at the plane and then Joe will find a new engine.

If you see Grice or Joe ask about their trip, they tell the story much better. It's something about the eyes.