3 August 2000

RCPD Director Will Answer Your Questions

Mike Watson is the Director of the Riley County Police Department. He has concented to answer your questions on anly law
enforcement issue. If you have a question about the Riley County Police Department, driving, police protection, tickets,
parking, he will answer.

This weeks questions:

Question One:

Mr. Watson, I see cars between 3rd and 5th Streets on Poyntz that will turn left to park on the other side of
Poyntz. Is this a proper way to park? And if not can they get a ticket?


No, that is not a proper way to park. Yes, drivers who perform this maneuver may be ticketed. That particular move is
illegal. It is in violation of at least two standard traffic ordinances although usually drivers are cited only for the violation, Drive
on Right Side of Roadway (STO 8.38). Those violations typically cost the violator $70.00.

Question Two:

Mr. Watson, What are the differences between turning right at a stop sign, stop light, and a red light with a green
arrow? Can a person turn on a green arrow without stopping?


A stop sign means STOP. A stop light means STOP. A green arrow means go in the direction the arrow points. Seems easy
doesnít it? Oh, and by the way, a yellow light does not mean speed up!

Drivers may turn right at a stop sign after first bringing their vehicle to a COMPLETE stop and yielding to other traffic.
Drivers may also turn right at a red traffic light but again only after bringing their vehicle to a complete stop and yielding to
other traffic. Drivers may turn on a green arrow without coming to a stop because the green arrow indicates a protected turn.
All of this is subject to the caveat that these movements are legal unless otherwise posted.

Now that I have said this, I must remind you to always practice defensive driving despite the traffic control devices. In my
long career in law enforcement I have been present numerous times when people involved in traffic accidents thought the
other guy was going to stop but he didnít. The person obeying the traffic regulations took no action to insure their safety and
that of their passengers. Drive defensively and stay safe.

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