3 August 2000

Commission Approves Annexation Of Nine Tracts In Colbert Hills

Tuesday night the Manhattan City Commission voted 5-0 to annex nine tracts of land associated with the Colber Hills Golf
Course. Here is a Memo telling about the annexation:



DATE: June 26, 2000

TO: Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board

FROM: Steve Zilkie, AICP, Senior Planner


The Kansas State University Golf Course Management and Research Foundation (KSUGCMRF) and Grand
Mere GMH L.L.C., General Partner of Grand Mere Heights L.L.P., have requested annexation of nine (9) tracts
of land, which are part of a land swap between the KSUGCMRF and Grand Mere. The nine (9) tracts of land are
listed as trade numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15, and 19, (attachment). The land trades, requiring annexation, are
generally located along the edges of the golf course and shown on the attached map.

The applicant explains the basis for annexation in the rezoning application (concurrent application to rezone to
RS, Single-Family Residential Suburban District) and states that the reason is that, _During the construction of
the Colbert Hills Golf Course several field changes were made to enhance the facility. Some of these
enhancements resulted in construction outside the original golf course boundary. When construction was nearing
completion, Grand Mere Development, Inc. and the KSU Golf Course Management and Research Foundation
(KSUGCMRF) determined locations where the property boundary needed to change to fit the course. Their
intent was to balance the amount of land added with an equal amount taken away. The result was a series of
thirty-one land trades. A copy of the Land Trades drawing has been provided to the City. This request for
rezoning applies only to a portion of the lands being traded between Colbert Hills and Grand Mere._

(Note the remainder of the land swaps are trades from Colbert Hills to Grand Mere and will remain undeveloped
until the Grand Mere Master Plan implements that stage of Grand Mere_s development. No action on those
tracts is necessary at this time. Concurrent applications for rezoning the nine (9) land trades, application to
vacate the current Final Plat of the Colbert Hills Addition and a new Final Plat to account for the land trades have
also been submitted. Three (3) additional land swaps from Grand Mere to KSUGCMRF are already in the City
and are included in the rezoning and Final Plat requests.)

When considering an annexation request, the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board shall make a
recommendation on the proposed annexation based on the Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan for the
Manhattan Urban Area and the City of Manhattan, Kansas, the Growth Vision, and the Capital Improvements
Program (CIP).

LAND USE ELEMENT OF THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN The Colbert Hills Golf Course is shown on the
Grand Mere Community Master Plan (attachment), which was adopted April 4, 2000. The land trades are along
the edges of the golf course. The golf course is in conformance with the adopted Grand Mere Community Master
Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. The majority of the golf course is located in the Urban Service Area , which is
identified as a growth area in the Land Use Element.


The proposed annexations consist of land trades between KSUGCMRF and Grand Mere made to reflect the
final construction of the golf course. The balance of the golf course was previously annexed and zoned RS
District. The land trades are part of the existing physical improvements of the golf course. These land trades
were made to facilitate the final construction of the golf course and are generally consistent with the Purposes,
Community Vision Statements and Policies and Procedures of the Growth Vision.


The land trades reflect the final as-built layout of the golf course. Public improvements including street, water,
and sanitary sewer have been provided for the development of the golf course. Portions of the land trades are
within the Urban Service Area and Urban Area (see Manhattan Urban Area map).

City Administration recommends approval of the annexations.