3 August 2000

Sports Update

By Ben E. Brake

Beasley and Bledsoe have a lot in common.

Jonathan Beasley and Drew Bledsoe both have up and coming competitors that is more athletic than they are. Drew Bledsoe
the New England Patriot quarterback has Michael Bishop stepping on his heals just waiting to prove himself. Jonathan
Beasley the Kansas State quarterback has the young Ell Roberson III to worry about.

What do these two quarterbacks say about their competitors? Well, Drew Bledsoe seems to give credit to anybody as long
as they do not want his job. Beasley on the other hand, may feel threatened but will give credit to Roberson with a smile.
Both quarterbacks got to hear about fans wanting their replacements to fill their spot. Bledsoe didnít get replaced during the
last season and it cost the team.

Beasley got replaced and came back a better quarterback more than once and it helped the team. I am sure Beasley wasnít
thrilled about being pulled from a game when he was down, but he understood what he needed to do and did it. Bledsoe
stayed in the game and it still cost the team. Beasley is a team player. He will help anybody any time cause he is that type of
person. Bledsoe seems like the type that will help anybody any time as long as he can cash in on it later. Drew Bledsoe
almost has the same arrogant attitude as Peyton (I am better than anybody in the world, just ask me) Manning. I would much
rather have a team player like Jonathan Beasley than a person like Drew (Iím better than you) Bledsoe.

You also need to understand I have a huge bias. I would love to see Bledsoe retire and let Bishop take over, but I donít
believe it will be that easy for Bishop. I think Bishop will have to fight for the position and I think Bledsoe will make it as dirty
as possible. But I do believe that Bishop will be triumphant in the end. I donít know if it will be this year or next year, but I
believe it will be sooner than we think. At least I hope!

Jonathan Beasley is a good quarterback with a lot of character. He will do and except whatever is best for the team. Even if
it includes stepping aside for his replacement. Jonathan is a "class act" and I would much rather have a person like Beasley as
a quarterback for K-State than a more self-centered quarterback like Bledsoe.