Chamber Tells Commission Of Mission

Tuesday afternoon the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce told the Manhattan City Commission about the 2001 Program of Work - Economic Development program. Here is a small part of the report:


Dedicated to organizing and promoting sound economic growth in the Manhattan area by stimulating the expansion of existing businesses, attracting new business/industry and assuring community climate for economic growth.

1. Promote the development and diversification of Manhattan/Riley County as a regional center for quality employment opportunities.

2. Foster small business development and entrepreneurship to retain our highly skilled work force and support growing segments of our economy.

3. Team with economic Development partners, to include City of Manhattan and Riley County, to meet future challenges in maintaining a competitive advantage and increase the diversification of employment opportunities for the region.

Goal 1

Create new job opportunities by marketing high quality job creation and new business expansion.

* Retain and assist expansion of existing business.

* Recruit and attract new businesses and jobs.


1. Continuation of a formal visitation program contacting 25 existing businesses to identify retention and expansion opportunities for diversification and job retention/growth; as well as identifying supplier opportunities to assist current local businesses in greater productivity and cost economies.

2. Facilitate resolutions to major concerns of local business by serving as a mediator between business and local, state, and federal government entities.

3. Create and implement an aggressive marketing plan to promote the corporate Technology Park.

4. Conduct business recruiting trips and contacts regionally and nationally to inform corporate decision-makers and real estate executives of the regionís business advantages and participate in recruiting trips with the state economic development department or utility provider.

5. Provide small business referral services on management and technical assistance to local businesses or individuals.

6. Implement communications strategy to target selection consultants and selected business for targeted marketing effort for attraction of new jobs.

7. Continue to update files on all available industrial/commercial sites and buildings.

8. Provide technical support and direction to business seeking assistance (MEDOFAB, SBA, IRBís, and grants).

9. Update city and county on scope of services with the contracts to market Manhattan/Riley County as a premier place to do business.

10. Lead, collaborate, communicate and participate with all economic development partners promoting the region. (Manhattan Area Chamber Commercialization Corporation, Kansas Entrepreneurial Center, Kansas State University, Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing, Eastern Kansas Economic Development Group, Inc., Small Business Development Center, City of Manhattan, Community Health Council, and Riley, Pottawatomie and Geary counties).

Market target industries as determined by the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housingís study performed by Wadley-Donovan and Blake Canada; avionics, value-added agriculture, distribution and warehousing, call centers, administrative centers and plastics; as well as development entities, high technology industries, and medical related services.

Goal 2

Produce research, publications and demographic/community data to create a one-stop shop for business information.


1. Produce publications and maintain current, updated information on our region. Keep in updated format the following:

a. City/County overview.

b. Presentation materials on the region.

c. Community data book.

d. Demographics.

e. Monthly/quarterly economic indicator reports.

2. Continue to implement technology to update computer databases on information designed for rapid tailored reports to prospects.

a. Continue regional link to state organizations to utilize economic development related data.

3. Provide or coordinate research projects necessary to retain or attract new jobs.

Goal 3

Create a specific long-range strategy for economic development activity.


1. Serve as facilitator between government and corporate leaders for the resolution of area-wide specific business needs that affect business and economic development.

2. Continue to establish regional, state and intra-state alliances with other governments and economic development agencies for the good of the area.

3. Continue to provide support to the city to access the future performance, process and stability of the Manhattan Economic Development Opportunity Fund.

4. Provide professional and volunteer expertise to the city with the development of the business park governance, management and operations.

5. Proceed with the research and planning of the construction of a spec shell building to display or corporate technology park and community.