Commissioners Soak Road


By Jon A. Brake

The Riley County Commission is looking for votes to approve a half-cent sales tax in the November election.

Last week they had an opportunity to spend money on a road and they took advantage of the situation. On Saturday August 3rd a Riley County employee took a watering truck and watered Walsburg Road to keep the dust down for a wedding reception.

This is the first time that the Riley County Road and Bridge Department has been used for a private party.

Walsburg Road is located three miles west and two miles north of Leonardville.

The County Commission discussed this at a regular meeting of the Commission and told Public Works Director Dan Harden to water the Road.

Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo said the Commission did discuss the project at a meeting but it did not make it to the minutes of the meeting because the Commission did not take a vote.

The Commission has been criticized by the Free Press for not spending money on roads but this is not going to help.