Teachers Get Three To Seven Percent

This is a Memo from Dr. Robert Seymour to Superintendent Dr. Sharol Little and the Manhattan/Ogden USD 383 Board of Education discussing the NEA-Manhattan - Manhattan/Ogden USD 383 Negotiated Agreement. Here is the memo:

Background Considerations

NEA-Manhattan and Manhattan/Ogden USD 383 Board of Education began negotiations in December, 2000. After a number of negotiation sessions, a tentative agreement was reached on July 16, 2001. Last year a large part of available funds were placed in the health insurance fringe benefit. The base increased by $100 last year, however about half of all teachers also received an increase in pay by moving one step on the salary schedule. Some teachers who had reached the maximum number of steps also received longevity as part of their salary. A large number of teachers on the last step in the salary schedule who have a BS, BS+15, BS+30, or a masterís degree, received a salary increase of $100.

In addition to salary and insurance issues, several articles and letters of understanding were reworded to improve planning time equity and retirement notification due date.

Current Considerations

The following is a brief consideration of changes in the teacher contract and salary schedule.

Contract Changes

* Place a Letter of Understanding on MHS plan/team time into the contract.

* Update amount of BOE health fringe.

* Remove BOE health fringe for family plan.

* Change retirement notification date from May 10 to May 1.

* Change mileage reimbursement from $.29 to $.31.

* Decrease the amount budgeted for preparation time/release time in the Letter of Understanding, Article IX by $5000.

* Add $10,000 to team planning for middle school exploratory teachers.

* Reduce by 366 the number of students required to consider distribution of additional revenue from increased enrollment.

* Removed Letter of Understanding for two year contract.

* Added a Letter of Understanding on involuntary transfer of a non-probationary teacher.

* Revised Letter of Understanding for middle school planning time to provide for more options besides release from homeroom.

* Added a Letter of Understanding for middle school planning time for traveling teachers to have one day per month of planning.

* Added a Letter of Understanding for providing .5 day per month of planning time for special education teachers assigned to self contained classrooms.

Non-contract Changes

Changes the pay date for teachers to the third Friday of the month with a goal of a mid month pay date.

Salary Schedule Changes

Base salary changes from $25,385 to $26,485, an $1,100 increase. The base determines for supplementary salary schedule, thus it increased.

Four rows in the salary schedule were increased to improve career teacherís salaries. In the last salary schedule, the rows were consistent through the salary schedule column.

Financial Implications

Salary Schedule

The proposed salary schedule for FY 02 would require an additional $992,000 to fund than the FY 01 salary schedule. In addition, the proposed salary schedule is estimated to require an additional $100,000 to fund movement on salary schedule each year. For FY 03 estimated increases in health insurance, longevity, and the tentative agreement salary schedule will require $400,000 in additional funds.

Supplementary Salary Schedule

The $1,100 increase in teacher base pay increases the supplemental schedule for middle school by $3,500 and high school by $11,800.

Contract Changes

Increased fringe for teacher health insurance is estimated at $138,000.

Non-Contract Changes

Change of pay date will require an additional 1/2 time employee in the business office because two payrolls will need to be run for a period of time to adjust classified timecard due dates of the next two years.


The Board negotiating team and the administration recommends approval of the tentative agreement.