Use The School And Book Bag Correctly

By Dr. Kenyon L. Erickson

As school begins, we all want the best for the leaders of tomorrow. "Study hard." "Get good grades." "Good luck."

But how many people say, "Be sure to get a good book bag"?

It is time that we think about the comfort as well as the careers of students. Students will be carrying heavy books for the next nine months. Choosing the wrong school bag or carrying it incorrectly can lead to muscle imbalances, postural deformities, and pain that could last a lifetime.

When choosing school bags, backpacks are great, if carried correctly. Carry it over both shoulders.

If possible, use an abdominal strap to secure the pack and distribute the weight over your hips and shoulders. When loading your books into your pack, place the heaviest books closest to you.

If you are using a one-handed duffle bag or briefcase, do not overload it. Frequently, switch the side that you carry the bag. If possible, get a bag that has a shoulder strap for added support.

School is important, and so is the school bag that helps you through it.

Donít let that ever-so-helpful school bag be a pain in your backside!