A Message From Kansas Governor Bill Graves

With the recent occurrence and threat of terrorism on U.S. soil, every state realizes the need to review and evaluate our emergency response capabilities. As Governor of Kansas and Commander-In-Chief of the Kansas National Guard Forces, I have become well acquainted with the good work of our Kansas troops, emergency management employees, state employees and local public safety partners. The high level of readiness and professionalism displayed by these dedicated individuals is simply amazing.

We all realize there is no way to make the public entirely safe from terrorism. Our public safety efforts must reflect a balance between preventing terrorism and being prepared to respond if a hostile act occurs. Our commitment is to always be vigilant, always improve and always put public safety first.

The men and women responsible for public safety and emergency management in Kansas are well trained. They are our friends, neighbors and co-workers. They have agreed, when necessary, to put their lives on-hold to work in the interest of safety for their community, state and nation. As Governor, I owe it to the citizens of Kansas to make sure we are as prepared as possible to deal with disaster, natural or intentional.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the recent national terrorism events. All of our lives were changed in a significant way by those tragic acts. One way we can respond and move forward is to make sure we are better prepared for the future.

But we must careful not to overreact. We value our freedom and it must be protected. Our nation faces a challenge in reviewing and improving our readiness. It will be difficult and contentious, but it is absolutely necessary.

Gov. Bill Graves