14 September 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Hello Manhattan,

Am I the only one that is really tired of the bias that goes on in the college football rankings?

My father always told me that if it looks like it, smells like it, and feels like it, it probably will taste like it! We still had to eat
his cooking anyway! Donít eat his sweet and sour (raw and burnt) chicken!

This relates to the Associated Press Poll, USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll, and the Bowl Championship Series Poll, it looks
like something, smells like something, and by gosh I donít think I want to step in it.

How do these, so-called, non-biased voters account for their voting?

My gripe and probably most of the K-State fans feel that KSU should have moved up in the polls this past week. K-State
was penalized for having a bye week. Kansas State remained 7th in both polls, while and Texas and Florida jumped ahead of
K-State. Texas jumped ahead of the Wildcats in the coachesí poll after playing their season opener against
Louisiana-Lafayette and winning 52-10. Louisiana-Lafayette went 2-9 last year and I donít believe they have been ranked as
of yet this year. Florida by-passed K-State in the AP after playing Ball State 0-11 last year and Middle Tennessee State
which went 3-8 last season and neither are projected to break the top 75 this season but Hostess swears they taste real

It just amazes me that these sports writers and coaches can now see that Florida and Texas are now better than K-State
after they have played teams with the caliber of William and Maryís Glee Club while K-State takes a week off. K-States last
win was to Louisiana Tech who went 8-3 last season and KSU won 54-10. K-Stateís downfall was not meeting the point
spread during the Iowa game. The Wildcats only won by 20 points and the point spread was 28.

This is not to mention Nebraska had to win in overtime against Notre Dame and Florida State almost got spanked by
Georgia Tech last week. Wisconsin had a big scare from Oregon after Wisconsin had 11 players suspended for the game but
wouldnít suspend their star running back just yet.

Mississippi is in a similar situation after loosing to Auburn. Auburn beat Mississippi by a touchdown. Mississippi was ranked
19 and was knocked out of the top 25, but Auburn is now ranked in the top 25. On the other hand, Georgia was beat by
South Carolina who has received votes but is still not ranked, but Georgia is still in the top 25.

Can anybody else see the BCS sticking it to K-State for a third year in a row?

If K-State wants a BCS bowl bid, they will have to beat Nebraska on November 11 and win the Big 12 title on December 2
or itís back to the Tidy bowl for another swim in the swirl pool.

Have a GREAT K-State day!