September 16, 1999

By Jon A. Brake

How can anyone want City, County, State or National government operating
Last week, we mailed the Manhattan Free Press to our subscribers. There is
not much to it. The paper is printed Thursday morning at Ag Press and taken
to Big Lakes Developmental Center on Hayes Drive where the labels are
Big Lakes has been doing the labeling for several years and do a great job.
They take the five or six bundles to the post office by 2:00 p.m.  Readers
have the Free Press in the mail on Friday.
But not last week. Thursday evening there was a phone message from the post
office: “Your paper is being held because the mailing was wrong.”
Friday morning we were told: “the bundles were placed on the back dock.”
Our question  was “What is wrong with that?” The bundles have been place on
 the back dock hundreds of times. Answer: “They need to be in a postal
Next question: “Do you mean, we need to call Big Lakes and have them send
someone over to place the bundles in a bag, so that you can drag the bag
inside and take the bundles out of the bag?” Answer: “That is the
And that is what we did. The papers were held up one day because the
regulations now say that anything placed on the back dock must be in a bag.
Can you understand why this newspaper is against the City taking over Child
Care, Bussing or anything. Governments are not service orientated. They
make rules and regulations that get out of hand.
It is impossible for government to write common sense into a regulation.