More Billing Problems

It was just what the City Staff needed to hear, more billing problems.

The Cityís billing problems started when they under billed Colbert Hills Golf Course $382,000 over the past three years. Then problems with K-Stateís water bill, which amounts to $15,000 for two years.

Tuesday night the City Commission received the 2001 Audit from Mike Rogers with Varney & Associates, CPAs, LLC. Rogers told the Commission that the City had a problem with homes in the Nelsonís Landing addition.

Nelsonís Landing is out side of the City limits but they are on the City sewer. The area is not receiving City water.

That is the problem. In other areas if someone does not pay the bill the City turns off the water. In this case some have not paid their sewer bill for more that two years but what do you turn off?

The Commission wants the City Staff to start legal action the get the money. In one case it is $800, a $25 a month customer.