County Repairs

Going Through The Roof


By Jon A. Brake

The Riley County Commission has been spending money lately. Yes, they have even started to put money into Roads and Bridges to counter the disclosures by the Manhattan Free Press.

The Commissioners have also been spending money on county building’s roofs, lots of money. The Free Press has never complained when a local taxing entity would spend money to fix a roof.

But, seven all in one year? The Commissioners have or will have spent $551,705.

The first project was the Riley County Office building completed by Danker Roofing for $85,000. The second project was what is called 1st Phase of CPE (HTX) Building to Diamond Everly Roofing for $45,600. The 2nd Phase is being worked on now by Riley Construction and will cost $193,105. Danker Roofing will do the 3rd Phase for 63,000; they will also do Pottorf Hall for $150,000. The Carnegie and Courthouse roofing projects are out for bids now. They will cost around $15,000.

It is not that the Commissioners want to fix a bad roof; it is that seven roofs all in one year?