"Simply Not True" Says Kansas State

Last week the Free Press reported that the City of Manhattan and K-State were having problems with the University's water system.

"Simply Not True" said Edward Rice Associate Vice President at Kansas State.

In a letter to the Free Press dated September 16th Rice said: "I am writing this letter to clarify points that were made in an article that appeared on the front page of the September 12, 2002 issue of your paper, regarding apparent problems with water meters at Kansas State University. Unfortunately, the article paints an uncooperative picture between Kansas State University and the City of Manhattan, which is simply not true."

Rice went on the say: "In late August, members of my staff and members of the City Manager Ron Fehr's staff met to discuss a water meter that was not working properly. A replacement meter has been ordered and will be installed upon delivery."

Rice said: "It is not true that we have not allowed city employees to change out meters. It is also not true that K-State has installed new water lines without informing the city."

Rice ended his letter with: "Both Ron Fehr and I believe that K-State and the City of Manhattan have an excellent working relationship."

Manhattan Free Press Publisher Jon Brake said: "We stand by our story and our sources."