Freedom Banner: To The People Of The Big Apple From The People Of The Little Apple

The Junior League of the Flint Hills has something to say about last weeks tragedy in New York City. "We are thinking of you." And, to show it the organization put together a five foot by forty foot banner with signatures, lots of signatures. The banner offers Manhattan's support to the innocent victims and their families.

What started out to be one banner is now ten and soon it will be more. Each forty foot banner has more than one thousand signatures.

Sometime next week the bannors will be sewn together to make one extra large bannor and sent to New York.

Tuesday night, Karen Rogers (photo to the right) had the banner at the Manhattan City Commission meeting. Rogers ask all of the City Commissioners and City Staff to sign the banner.

It is anticipated the banner will reach 350 feet long. You are encouraged to sign your name and a personal message.