Airport Wins!


By Jon A. Brake

Hell received a coating of de-icer Tuesday night by the Manhattan City Commission.

Four weeks ago the Free Press wrote: "Someone needs to check the temperature in Hell. It may have frozen-over Tuesday night. The Manhattan City Commission turned down Free Money for the Manhattan International Airport. The City Staff wanted a $342,340.00 high speed broom for snow removal for the Airport. The FFA was willing to give the City $345,769.00 to purchase the sweeper and a $41,348.00 liquid material spreader.

But the City Commission said "No" by a 3-2 vote."

Well, this Tuesday night the Manhattan City Commission gave the Airport everything they wanted. All $400,000 of it.

What did it take to get the Commission to change their minds? We do not know because it was all done outside of the Commission room.

It was evident that things had changed because it was brought back to the Commission. That would not have happened without the Staff feeling there was a good chance it would pass. The public was not told in advance that the item was back. Mayor Bruce Snead asked the Commissioners as the meeting started if it could be put on the agenda.

When Brad Everett started talking about a meeting he had with the Airport Manager and others it was apparent that he would change his vote. And he did and that caused Mark Taussig and Ed Klimek to go alone.

So, if you go to hell anytime soon, it will not be cool.