21 September 2000

Kansas State Drops Ball State 76-0

By Ben Brake

Sports Editor

Kansas State just overmatched Ball State in every area of the game. Ball State couldn’t get anything going their way
at any portion of the game. It took about 13 minutes for K-State to rack up 34 points and start putting in replacement
players. K-State’s replacement players kept the Ball (St.) rolling and the score climbing. K-State did not throw a pass
in the second half of the game, for fear of another completion and another score. KSU’s offense, defense and special
teams were firing on all cylinders. The outcome of the game was a mixture between K-State playing great, Ball State
playing poorly, and the skill level of the players.


Quarterback- Jonathan Beasley played like Joe Montana was his backup. Jonathan played superb in every portion of
his game. He was as near to flawless as you can get. Passing 5-6 for 146 yards and a completion percentage of 83
percent with 2 touchdowns. He had a 429.8 NCAA passing rating for the game, but 6 attempts is not enough to qualify.
He also went 3-38 rushing 12.7 yards per carry with 1 touchdown. Jonathan is now 14-1 as a starter and giving K-State
fans a lot to be proud of.

Ell Roberson III was able to get a little playtime over the weekend. Ell went 3-6 for 46 yards and 1 touchdown. He also
went 6-37 rushing 6.2 yards per carry average.

Jeremy Milne had 1 carry for 5 yards and had no passing statistics.

Zac Burton- had 5 carries for 8 yards

Running back- Josh Scobey had 14 carries for 81 yards and 2 touchdowns, averaging 5.8 yards per carry. Rashad
Jackson had 7-68 yards with 1 touchdown, averaging 9.7 yards per carry. Rod Cartwright had 2-carries for 17 yards
with 2 touchdowns, averaging 8.5 yards and 1 TD per carry or 100% of his carries went for touchdowns.

Wide receivers- Quincy Morgan stole the show with 5 receptions for 143 yards and 3 TD’s. Martez Wesley had 2
receptions for 28 yards. Brice Libel had 1 reception for 21 yards.

Front-line- The offensive front line did an outstanding job. There we no quarterback sacks with the QB’s passing for 8
completions on 12 attempts with no interceptions for 192 yards. They also made way for 57 rushing attempts for 330
yards at 5.6 yards per carry. The offensive line was responsible for K-State gaining 514 yards on 69 plays. They did


OUTSTANDING! The "Lynch Mob" defense held the Cardinals scoreless for the game. Ball State had 53 plays that went
for 51 yards total. They had 1 pass completion for 5 yards on 8 attempts and 2 interceptions. K-State caught more of
their passes than they did for 1 less yard. K-State only allowed 5 first downs during the game. They encompassed 5
sacks for a loss of 34 yards. Mario Fatafehi tied a school record with 3 sacks for a loss of 23 yards.

Special Teams

They have proven that if the coaches put in good punt returner they can count on the 7 points or excellent field
position. Aaron Lockett tied a NCAA record held by K-State’s own David Allen and Quinton Spotwood of Syracuse with
back-to-back games with returns for touchdowns.

Lockett is still just the back up for punt returns, but he is making a name for himself in that field while David Allen is
out with an ankle injury.