28 September 2000

Quarterback Controversy?

Senior Quarterback Jonathan Beasley better not go near a fire station anytime soon. He is on fire and they will hose him
down. Jonathan is making sure that there is not a quarterback controversy at Kansas State this year. Beasley started the
season a little inconsistent with Iowa in the Eddie Robinson classic, but since then, he has been smoking up the stats.
Jonathan has completed 44 of 71 passes for 831 yards with 2 interceptions for the season so far and has a completion
percentage of 62%. Now, take out the Iowa game and his numbers are outstanding; he is 30 of 43 for 581 yards with “0”
interceptions and a completion percentage of 70%. Beasley has 34 carries for 124 yards at 3.6 yards per carry and 8
touchdowns for the season rushing. Again, take out the Iowa game and he has 21 carries for 100 yards at 4.7 yards per
carry and 7 touchdowns.

Ell Roberson III has completed 6 of 14 passes for 61 yards with 1 interception and 1 touchdown for the season so far and
has a completion percentage of 42%. Take out the Iowa game and he has completed 6 of 13 with a completion percentage
of 46% and all other totals remain the same. Roberson has 21 carries for 104 yards for the season at 5.0 yards per carry
with “0” touchdowns rushing. Roberson didn’t have any carries during the Iowa game; so all totals remain the same.

Beasley has shown great improvement on his game and has become a more consistent quarterback in just a few weeks.

Some things to keep in mind: The level of opponents has not been that challenging, The level of play has usually been more
conservative when Roberson has been in the game, A true test will come this weekend against Colorado.

Beasley is still doing a tremendous job and his consistency will definitely carry over to Roberson. But guess what? They are
both “GREAT” quarterbacks and we are very fortunate to have both playing for K-State.


Virginia Tech leaped over K-State in the AP poll after their win over Rutgers 49-0. I guess the AP saw that Rutgers was a
name brand cupcake (Hostess) and North Texas was just an off brand (Value). For whatever reason, K-State is now 5th in
both polls.