7 September 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

What are you cheering about?

There has been some controversy over the fans cheering for Ell Roberson III when he came in the game to play
against Louisiana Tech. Coach Snyder felt that it was a slap in the face to Jonathan Beasley. The problem is, was
it a cheer that Jonathan was coming out of the game or was it a cheer that Roberson was going in?

I believe there was a little of both. Jonathan Beasley has gone 13-1 in the last year and a half. It has been a
struggle for that record but he has accomplished it. He has been a good quarterback, but the only thing he has
been consistent about has been being inconsistent. This is not meant to be a downgrade to Jonathan; it is just
pointing out a fact about what has been accomplished on the field. There are times when Jonathan seems as
sharp as Michael Bishop, but there are also times when he canít hit a wide-open receiver in the end zone.

Now, the fans could also be cheering about the future. Roberson is the quarterback of the future. Every fan is
hoping Roberson is that "knight in shining armor" that will take K-State to that promise land. Beasley is a senior
this year and Roberson is just coming in. Ell has brought a lot of excitement and hype with him and the fans are
just hoping to see what they are expecting.

I think everybody remembers when Michael Bishop was coming to K-State and all the hype that came with him.
His first year was a little inconsistent and needed the time to mold with the system. The fans are just anxious to
get the molding out of the way so Roberson can hand us the National Championship on a silver platter. The
difference between Bishop and Roberson is 2 years. Bishop was with the Wildcats for 2 years and everybody
wanted him for 10 years. Roberson will be here for 4 years of playtime and the fans are thrilled.

Roberson kind of teased the fans with having a great spring game. Now the fans want to see it in a real game.
They want to see him zipping past defenders, slashing and dashing his way into the end zone just like what they
have dreamed about since the spring game.

The few snaps that Roberson has taken wonít get that mold together any time soon. Everybody wants to see
Roberson ready for the future and also ready for the present. If Beasley should have an injury it would be real
nice if Roberson new how to run the system like Coach Snyder wants.

I would much rather have the fans cheering than booing. I really donít believe that anybody was trying to hurt
Jonathan; instead I believe they were trying to build up their future in Roberson.

When Frank Murphy went in for his first play from scrimmage there was a huge response from the crowd. They
werenít cheering because Eric Hickson was coming out but all the hype was going in.

To sum it all up, the fans want Beasley to be more consistent and lead this K-State team to a championship. If for
some reason he canít, they want Roberson or whoever else that can. Have a great bye week!