7 September 2000

K-State Churns Out 54 Vs. Louisiana Tech

By Ben Brake

K-State did a fairly decent job during the game and walked away with a 54-10 victory. The offense sputtered a few times
but was more productive than last week. Beasley had a better outing and K-State’s defense did real good considering giving
up 300 yards passing.

Louisianna’s short pass passing game was real productive but wasn’t able to make it count when they needed to. K-State’s
defense stepped up the play when Louisianna Tech would threaten.

K-State’s special teams were very sharp and looked like they had the bugs worked out from last week. Kicker Jamie
Rheem hit all 3 of his field goals from 35, 29, and 28 yards. K-State only punted twice during the game and punter Travis
Brown had a 42 yard average.

Beasley’s Doing Better

Quarterback Jonathan Beasley is showing improvement. He still had some misfires, but he is showing improvement. Beasley
completed 13 of 22 for 233 yards and 3 TD’s with no interceptions. He is looking a little more crisp than he did a week ago
in Kansas City completing 59% of his passes.

Roberson went into the game with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. His first series went 3 and out and wasn’t able to go
back into the game until 17 seconds left in the game. K-State’s defense was on the field most of that time because of Aaron
Lockett’s punt return for a touchdown and a safety on Louisianna Tech because of a high snap to the punter that was kicked
out of the endzone

Air It Out

Receivers Morgan, Lockett, Wesley, and TE Meier had a great game. These 4 combined accounted for 222 yards receiving,
12 catches and 3 TD’s in the passing game. Lockett also provided some excitement on punt returns and rushing. Aaron must
have taken notes from David Allen before the game. Lockett was able to show the fans that even with Allen out of the lineup
K-State could still take it to the house on punt returns. Lockett had a 65 yard return for a touchdown. The special teams did
an outstanding job blocking; not to say that Aaron didn’t do a great job running. Lockett also had a 55 yard run on a reverse
to the 1 yard line.

One, Two Punch

Running backs Chris Claybon and Josh Scobey provided a very nice one, two punch in the ground game against Louisianna
Tech. Both running backs had a very productive game with David Allen being sidelined with a leg injury. Claybon had 123
yards on 21 carries Scobey had 83 yards on 10 carries. It is always nice when one person steps up to take a starters
position when injured; it is outstanding when two players step it up.

K-State Passed the Test

Even though K-State allowed 300 yards passing they still passed the test. K-State stopped Louisianna Tech when they
needed to. Louisianna Tech took advantage of the little cushin K-State gave them. The secondary for K-State would give
their recievers a 5 to 10 yard cushin and Louisianna Tech would use the short pass to the flank to pick up a few yards here
and there, but they couldn’t capitalize. K-States defense stood strong when it mattered. KSU had 4 interceptions to take the
bite out of the bulldogs.

The Bulldogs had an excellent game plan that made it very difficult to defend. When ever you get 300 yards passing you are
doing something right. But on the other hand, when you have 300 yards passing and only gain 10 points on the board your
doing something wrong too.

This game was real good to prepare for Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Colorado. All three teams like to have a strong pass
attack. More so with Oklahoma and Texas Tech than Colorado.