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KansasNet DSL Service

Let KansasNet DSL be your high-speed, dedicated Internet connection to the information superhighway.  DSL utilizes your qualified existing plain telephone service phone line, allowing you to work on the net and talk on the phone on the same line at the same time.  With guaranteed minimum downstream bandwidths starting at 384kbps, DSL promises connection reliability at super-high speeds. Click here for more info

KansasNet ISDN Connectivity

ISDN stands for "Integrated Services Digital Networks". Much like analog "dial-up," to connect to the Internet using ISDN, your equipment makes a phone call into our modem pool to connect. ISDN is basically the telephone network turned all-digital end-to-end (as opposed to your standard phone line which has an analog portion), using existing switches and wiring (for the most part) upgraded so that the basic "call" is capable of 64 kbps end-to-end per channel (phone line). ISDN has the capability of binding 2 channels (phone lines) together for the capability of a 128Kbps connection. Click here for more info.

KansasNet Wireless Internet Service

Finally, an affordable, high-speed Internet connection for your home or business, without the added cost of line usage from a third party. Bi-directional, always on, high-speed Internet with no phone or cable company services necessary. With a 2Mbps+ connection to our network, KansasNet Wireless Internet delivers a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 128kbps up to 768kbps. Availability is limited to our Manhattan, KS market only. Please contact us on the left for more information.

Organizations who wish to have continuous access to the Internet will enjoy uninterrupted Internet connections with KansasNet's high speed leased line options. KansasNet will work with your organization to assess your Internet needs and set up the best possible solution. For pricing and information, click here.

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