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In order to place your personal web page on KansasNet you need to move it to our server. You can do this by using an FTP Client. If you need help with configuring an ftp program email us back with information about your Operating System and your FTP Client. The following steps should make this process simple for you.

1. Make sure the filename for your webpage is called "index.html". It has to be all lowercase.

2. Make a connection to KansasNet just as if you were going to browse the web.

3. Using an FTP program connect to the host "" using your own username and password to login (please make sure they are in lowercase letters, or the connection will be rejected).  You can download an FTP program here.

4. After the connection is made you will be in your own home directory. Change directory to public_html. If there is no public_html directory in your home directory, create one. Note that 'public_html' is all lowercase.

5. Now that you are in your public_html directory, move your webpage and any files that it points to (gifs, JPG's, wav's, etc...) over to this directory.

6. After you have made sure that the webpage is named "index.html" and that all the appropriate files have been completely copied, the page will be updated automatically and you will be able to view it by going to to with your web browser (e.g. - if your username was 'john', your web pages's URL would be '').

7. At this point you should  be able to view your webpage. If you have any problems doing so, do not hesitate to contact us by email click here.

Some commonly made mistakes:

  • Make sure that the main file of your web page is called 'index.html' or 'index.htm' (Case DOES matter).
  • Make sure that there are no other files named 'index.*' in your home directory (for example, index.htm.backup, index.html.first, index.htm_, etc...).
  • Make sure that there are no spaces in your filenames. This can cause a problem if you do not refer to the same exact filename while writing your HTML.
  • Make sure that you place all web content in the public_html folder. If the files are not in the public_html folder, they'll be on the server but they won't be accessible from the web.
  • Make sure that if you use long filenames, you look in your home directory after transferring all of the files. Many times, when Windows transfers files with long file names (longer than 8 characters) it shortens the name of the file and inserts a  (~) to show the filename should be longer. You can rename files on the FTP server.
    *These instructions are intended for posting a personal web page. If you are interested in posting a business page, please contact us in order to set it up. Personal pages are subject to content approval. If you are unsure whether or not
    your page will be appropriate, please contact us before posting it.
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