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Customers may cancel service in a large variety of ways. We ask that you state the reason why you are canceling at that time. Note that we will NOT prorate or refund any remaining time or fraction of any pre-paid current activation period, whether it be a month or year.

You can:

  • FAX (785) 776-1633. Please make sure that you include your real name and username.

  • Mark CANCEL on your next email bill and return it via U.S. postal mail.

  • Email billing@ with your full name, account username, and reason for canceling. You MUST be connected to KansasNet's network and send from your email address. Your cancellation request will be rejected if you send email from another network, or from an address which is not your address; this is because we are unable to verify the authenticity of cancellations requests sent in that manner.

  • Come in to our Manhattan store and fill out our Internet cancellation form.

We do not accept phone cancellations.

Non-AutoDebit Subscribers who pay on a per term basis regularly, such that charges are not automatically deducted from the credit card, checking, or banking account, or such that charges are NOT billed out via U.S. Mail, are not required to fill out a cancellation form. Failure to renew services by the end of the next activation period will result in automatic termination of those services.

Please allow up to 20 days for processing of your request. Wireless, Web hosting, and other, term commitment customers If you are committed to a service term with KansasNet, make sure that you consult your agreement before filling out this form. Filling out this form establishes that you wish to cancel service, and accept any penalty fines that may be in your agreement.

KansasNet requires at 20-day notice for all auto-debit cancellations and for services for which charges are invoiced directly via U.S. Mail. Please print, fill out, and return the cancellation form 20-days prior to the first day of the next activation period. There are NO REFUNDS to subscribers who provide notice to cancel services for an activation period, in which services have already been billed/invoiced. The current account period will continue, but we will cease billing and charging you for future periods. If you would like to know your discontinuation date, please state so when canceling. Our Billing Department will notify you of this information by email only.

Download KansasNet Cancellation Form (PDF format)

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