Kansas Paddler's Guide - Vol. 3


Whitewater in Kansas! 

[work in progress]


  1. See the KANSAS PADDLER Home Page (http://www.kansas.net/~tjhittle) for (Kansas USGS) river flow information and Kansas Canoe Association trip information.
  2. For revisions/updates/or additions to the list below,  Email: Webmaster
  3. Remember that all Kansas streams but the Kansas River, Arkansas River, and Missouri River flow over "private property", as interpreted by the Kansas Supreme Court.   Seek permission to float all private streams.  Use your best judgement and extreme caution to avoid the legal consequences of trespass.
  4. This is a compilation of reported Whitewater Play spots in Kansas.  The KPHP takes no responsibility of actual conditions.
  5. Class Difficulty Ratings are subjective. Use your own judgement. There are elements of danger in each of the streams and playspots listed.
  6. Revised: 03/23/04


(The Kansas Atlas & Gazetteer by DeLorme is an indispensable map guide for the information provided below)

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Stream Name:

globe~re.gif (1679 bytes)- River Map (generally a large printable .jpg map)

cano~red.gif (1812 bytes)Kansas River beIow I-435 in Kansas City, KS

cano~red.gif (1812 bytes)Kansas River well beIow Bowersock Dam - Lawrence, KS

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Big Blue River at Rocky Ford, Manhattan, KS:

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Vermillion River, East of Wamego, KS:

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Mill Creek, South of Maple Hill, KS

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Blue River, in Kansas City, KS

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Indian Creek, in Kansas City, KS

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Wakarusa River ledge below Clinton Reservoir, West of Lawrence, KS

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Caney River, near

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Arkansas River culvert outlets - off West 21st Street in Wichita, KS

CANO~RED.gif (1812 bytes)Smoky Hill River, near the I-70 bridge at Grandview Plaza (Junction City, KS)

(See the KANSAS PADDLER Home Page for the most current trip/event schedules) www.kansas.net/~tjhittle

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