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Central US Radar Click Maps  Kansas Radars  May 29-30, 1879 Tornadoes 

Irving, Kansas Tornadoes

StormTrack Storm Chaser Homepage

StormTrack Forum

Storm Prediction Center Forecasts

SPC's Day One Convective Outlook

                               Day one Outlook                                                                  Tornado

                                       Wind                                                                                  Hail

SPC's Day Two Convective Outlook 

                             Day two Outlook                                                                    Probabilistic

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 SPC's Day Three Convective Outlook

                           Day three Outlook                                                                  Probabilistic

SPC's Mesoscale Discussions

SPC's Current Convective Watches

SPC's Hourly Mesoscale Analysis Page

SPC's RUC2 Model Composite Map Page

Rapid Update Cycle II Model (NCEP)


Grid Point Forecast Meteogram for Wamego, KS (KTOP WSO)

College of DuPage Weather Lab ("neXlab")

College of DuPage Severe Weather Warnings Page ("neXlab")

FNMOC NWP Weather Maps (NOGAPS Forecast)

U.S. Threats Assessments (from Climate Prediction Center -- NCEP)

Visible Satellite Image Centered on Kansas (from UCAR)

GOES-8 Interactive 1 km Visible Weather Satellite Image Selector (from NASA)

GFS Short Range Forecast of Sea Level Pressure and 1000-500mb Thickness  (from WxMaps.org)

GFS Medium Range  Forecast of Sea Level Pressure and 1000-500mb Thickness (from WxMaps.org)

Weather Forecast Page (COLA/IGES)

AVN Meteogram, Kansas City, 0 to 7.5 days (COLA/IGES)

AVN Meteogram, Kansas City, 8 to 16 days (COLA/IGES)

Weather Graphics Technologies     Weather Graphics Technologies Forum

Current Weather Data (NCAR)

Surface Weather Maps (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center)

National Weather Service Office, Dodge City, Kansas (KDDC)

National Weather Service Office, Goodland, Kansas (KGLD)

National Weather Service Office, Topeka, Kansas (KTOP)

National Weather Service Office, Wichita, Kansas (KICT)

Sam Barricklow's Storm Chase Home Page

NWS Topeka, KS Radar (KTWX)

College of DuPage KTWX Radar

EarthWatch Weather On Demand-StormWatch® United States

The Weather Underground

Live Wamego Weather

Kansas Net Email

River Gauge Readings for the Kansas River at Wamego, Kansas


TerraServer Arial Photographs (Microsoft)

Google Search Engine

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